Jon Jones Timeline

Are you looking for independent advice to help keep your company ahead of the digital curb?  Do you need an expert in emerging digital trends to help align your business needs with your digital capabilities?  In this fast pace sector, it is extremely hard to keep up with the latest technology trends, let alone figure out how you can leverage them to help you increase revenue.  Business should concentrate on doing what they do best and leave the technical details to someone they can rely on.

As a industry recognised digital strategist, I can help fill this void for you.  I am well experienced in digital strategy, with over 16,000 hours of experience advising leading UK brands with digital insights. I have worked with clients in a number of different sectors, ranging from finance, the public sector, telecommunications, retail, finance, non-profit and education.

I started Digital Prompt so I could independently work with clients align their business growth with their digital strategy. This freedom has allowed me to focus all my attention on driving innovation and growth within organisations.   My main focus is towards Content Managed Solutions (CMS) as a platform to help increase revenue.  My advice is pragmatic, tangible and actionable.  I provide the majority of my advice online, which is now read by over 15,000 people every month.

Have a strategic issue or digital challenge, I would love to hear from you.


That's right.. here are a list of project I've woked on over the years :)

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