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Implementing Continuous Deployment With Umbraco

Nowadays, it seems like one of the first things that I do when I start working with a new client is help them introduce a continuous deployment process.  Being able to automate your deployments will not only help reduce bugs and errors making it onto your live website, it will also free up a lot […]

What Is Umbraco Cloud?

Cloud hosting is gaining more and more momentum. Umbraco Cloud (formally known as Uaas (Umbraco As A Service)) is a managed service provided by Umbraco to host your website in the cloud. This term of ‘managed service’ seems to confuse a lot of people.  Traditionally, to host an Umbraco website you would need a server.  Your website […]

How To Create A Real-Time Notification Area Within Your Episerver Website

This post is a continuation of: Different Ways Of Implementing Notifications Within Episerver and How To Install SignalR Within Episerver . In today’s guide, I’m going to go over a demo project I’ve created that implements real-time notifications within Episerver. In this demo, notifications can be updated in real-time either through a ‘Content Page Type’ […]

How To Install SignalR Within Episerver

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to create how to install SignalR with Episerver. First, you need to install two Nuget packages, right-click on your solution, select ‘Manage Nuget Packages for solution…’, from your search type in SignalR You will also need to install, ‘Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb’: To make SignalR work you need to register it, in an OwinStartup class. […]

The Umbraco Richtext Editor Explained

The Rich Text Editor is the control you will use to add most of your content onto your website.  I think almost everyone reading this will be familiar with the interface.   If you have used Microsoft Word, or Google docs the interface, then the interface should be pretty familiar. The reason why the rich […]

How To Work With Images In The Umbraco Backend

A web page would be pretty boring without images.  To display an image on one of your Umbraco pages it must be loaded into the Umbraco Media library. Many companies will provide you with a pre-set library of images that you can use, while other companies will trust their content editors to upload images themselves.  Before we […]

How To Copy/Clone a Page in the Umbraco Backend

Instead of creating a new page within Umbraco each time, it’s often quicker to copy an existing page, or section instead and then change the bits you care about.  Cloning pages in Umbraco is very simple.  In the Umbraco backend, find the page you want to clone in the navigation explore and right-click on it to […]

How To Move A Page In The Umbraco Backend

Pages can easily be moved within Umbraco.  The most common reason to move pages is to change the order they appear in menus, or news feeds. Moving a page might be as intuitive as you first think.  In most systems, you simply drag and drop pages, but this doesn’t work that well in Umbraco, instead […]

How To Delete and Restore a Page in the Umbraco Backend

Sometimes, simply unpublishing a page within Umbraco isn’t enough. If you know you will never need the contents of a page again then there’s not much point in keeping it anymore.   Umbraco can work with hundreds of pages, but, as a general for any CMS system, it will be more performant if you can […]

How To Edit An Existing Page In The Umbraco Backend

One of the most useful aspects of any website is that unlike a book, a webpage can be updated easily and frequently.  Editing existing pages within Umbraco is even easier than creating a new page. Finding Your Content All your Umbraco web pages are viewable from the content tree view within the ‘Content’ section in the […]

How To Unpublish a Page In The Umbraco Backend

After you create and publish an Umbraco page you may want to unpublish it. There are many reasons for wanting to unpublish a page; a news item is out of date, a product is out of stock etc… Like publishing pages, you have two main options for unpublishing content. The first is immediate and the […]