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Episerver : How To Add Custom Table Styles In The TinyMCE Editor

We had an issue recently with styling tables in EPiServer.  EPiServer implements the tinyMCE project as the text editor within Epi. tinyMCE is very flexible and uses a plug-in based framework to allow customization like adding custom buttons and overriding default behaviour.  In Episerver, if an editor wants to add a table to a page, they can click  on […]

Great Open Source Libraries For .NET CMS Developers

As a CMS developer, one of the biggest pains I feel in my projects is change.  Change is part and parcel of creating websites, as it’s ‘simple’ to move a few things around on screen…  Clients who asks for feature ‘x’ today will almost certainly want it to do something different in a week’s time. […]

40 Essential Tools For .NET Developers

I’ve been meaning to publish this for ages, so after nearly a year of planning…… Software Resharper : Simply the best .NET tool… FACT. Try it once and you’ll never go back. Son Of Obsidian : Cool Visual Studio theme that will help reduce eye strain, Stylecop : Provides a very simple way to introduce coding standards to your work. […]

Immedacy: Deployment Server Notes

Missing Deployment Server Option in Manager Log into the admin panel, then go to configuration for the site in question and open the Editor Configuration screen. Down at the bottom of the screen, you can tick the “Show Upload” box and then click on save changes. DMS Upload API Call DMS Metdata Plug-in Browser

Immediacy : Useful Database Scripts

Clearing The Audit Log If you ever find your Immediacy site running very slowly after a period of time, it’s probably because your audit log has become too large and needs clearing out.  This can be done running the following script : Check if page is a child page, check for parent ID’s Create a […]

Immedacy: TCM Notes

Web.Config Configuration When TCM Is Stored On A Remote Server TCM Log-in Details admin [email protected] Example TCM web.config