5 Reasons Why You Should Blog as a Software Developer

In today's post, I'm going to write about how I've used this website to help me make more money. A few years' ago, I was working on some very new and not widely used CMS product that had very bad documentation and virtually no information existed on-[...]

The Purpose Of a Technical Architect

Being an architect on a project is like being the rebel, you're the person who needs to generate unique ideas, to stand out and challenge the status quo.  Changing the status quo requires a commitment, it involves putting yourself on the line, jumpin[...]

Don't Settle For Being An Average Developer

As a contractor, I work with a diverse bunch of developers, some really good, some terrible and the majority in the middle.  When I work on a project, I want to create something way above average.. the term I like to use is excellent.  Has everything[...]

Focusing Your Attention Correctly On A Project

When you work on a project with a tight deadline, maintaining the right focus can sometimes be hard, but it's an essential skill when you are architecturing a website. To create remarkable work, you need to explore the edges of what's possible, to cr[...]
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