2017 Web Development Digital Trends Predictions

Web development has got to be included in one of the fastest changing sectors in the world, so trends come and go faster than you can blink. I had learned Angular on my to-do list last year and then Angular 2 was released in beta, which changed things. .NET and Linux:  At Connect 2016, Microsoft announced […]

A Reflective Look At 2016s Digital Trends

January is usually the time where people are the most reflective.  Gyms meet the people who’ll pay their bills for the rest of the year but will only turn up for a  few weeks, offices will start to fear no one will drink ever again while others will have smoked the last cigarette of their lives.  What better […]

Is The Amazon Echo The Next Big Thing For Developers To Make Money Online?

Like a lot of suckers, I tend to get sucked in during Black Friday and buy lots of useless things that I probably don’t need.  This year I saw the Amazon Echo Dot on sale for $39.99 and decided to buy it.  Before I bought it, I really thought of it as some cheap gimmicky […]