EPiServer: FileManagerBrowser JQuery Error

Recently I started to get the following error whenever I tried to add a new image in my EPi 6 instance.


After a lot of head-scratching, by luck I found the solution.  The day before I had installed New Relic’s Agent Monitor.  After installing the program off of the server the FileBrowser magically worked again.

<table id="ctl00_FullRegion_virtualPathControl_virtualPathFileManager_ControlsWrapperTable" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">
<td colspan="10">
<div>Path: <a title="Virtual path: /Documents/">Documents</a></div></td>
<td colspan="10"> ' ); wdoc.close(); } function handleDrag(e) { // Event handler for drag start of file. // Part of drag from file manager and drop into XHTML Editor. var dhtmlPath = GetSourceLink(e).getAttribute("dhtmlPath"); if(dhtmlPath!=null) { if (e._event){ // IE e._event.dataTransfer.effectAllowed = "copy"; e._event.dataTransfer.setData("Text", dhtmlPath); } else { // Other browsers // Don't set effectAllowed since drop targets in Firefox on mac needs to specify // same dropEffect in dragover event and we want to be able to drop in input fields without registering this event. e.dataTransfer.setData("Text", dhtmlPath); } e.stopPropagation(); return true; } } function SetupContextMenuHandler(e) { if (document.getElementById("browserCell") != null) { EPi.AddEventListener(document.getElementById("browserCell"), "contextmenu", handleContextMenu); } } function handleContextMenu(e) { //we want context menu to appear when user clicked in browseArea (definied in Browse.acx) or below it var browseArea = document.getElementById("browseArea"); if (browseArea != null) { var offSetArray = getOffSet(browseArea); if (e.clientY &gt;= offSetArray[0]) { handleItemClick(e,true); } } } function getOffSet(element) { var curtop = element.offsetTop; var curLeft = element.offsetLeft; while (element = element.offsetParent) { curtop += element.offsetTop; curLeft += element.offsetLeft; } return [curtop, curLeft]; } function handleClick(e) { var srcElement = e.target; if(srcElement.getAttribute('IsToolEnabled')=='true') return; handleItemClick(e,false); } function handleItemClick(e,viewContextMenu) { var sourceElement = GetSourceLink(e); var dhtmlType = sourceElement.getAttribute('dhtmlType'); var isFavorite = sourceElement.getAttribute('isFavorite'); if(dhtmlType!=null) { //element is rendered from DragAndDropLinkButton which adds an attribute entryName with the value of Text var fileSystemObject = new FileSystemObject(sourceElement.getAttribute('dhtmlPath'), sourceElement.getAttribute('entryName')); if(!isSelected(fileSystemObject.path,dhtmlType)) { if(viewContextMenu || !e.ctrlKey) { ClearSelectedItems(); } handleSelection(e,fileSystemObject,dhtmlType); } else { if (!viewContextMenu) { if(!e.ctrlKey) { ClearSelectedItems(); } handleSelection(e,fileSystemObject,dhtmlType); } } } else if(viewContextMenu) ClearSelectedItems(); window.IsMultiSelection = (selectedFilesArray.length + selectedDirectoriesArray.length) &gt; 1; window.IsMultiFileSelection = selectedFilesArray.length &gt; 1; window.IsFileSelection = (selectedFilesArray.length == 1) &amp;&amp; !window.IsMultiSelection; window.IsDirectorySelection = (selectedDirectoriesArray.length == 1) &amp;&amp; !window.IsMultiSelection; window.IsAnySelection = (selectedFilesArray.length + selectedDirectoriesArray.length) &gt; 0; window.IsFavoriteSelection = isFavorite != null &amp;&amp; isFavorite == "true"; UpdateCommandTools(); if(viewContextMenu) { ContextMenu_30362f65_dc8c_45dc_a803_7f4519557b81.Show(e); } } function UpdateCommandTools() { var oDeleteButton = document.getElementById('ctl00_FullRegion_virtualPathControl_virtualPathFileManager_browsemode2_DeleteButton'); if(window.IsAnySelection &amp;&amp; QueryAccess(AccessLevelDelete)) { EPi.ToolButton.SetEnabled(oDeleteButton, true); } else { EPi.ToolButton.SetEnabled(oDeleteButton, false); } var oRenameButton = document.getElementById('ctl00_FullRegion_virtualPathControl_virtualPathFileManager_browsemode2_RenameButton'); if((window.IsFileSelection || window.IsDirectorySelection) &amp;&amp; QueryAccess(AccessLevelEdit)) { EPi.ToolButton.SetEnabled(oRenameButton, true); } else { EPi.ToolButton.SetEnabled(oRenameButton, false); } } var selectedFilesArray = new Array(); var selectedDirectoriesArray = new Array(); var restoreRows = new Array(); function isSelected(path,dhtmlType) { var selectionArray = dhtmlType=='Directory' ? selectedDirectoriesArray : selectedFilesArray; for (var i=0; i</td>

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