Episerver London 2016 – Donut Hole Caching Presentation

Hi folks, thanks for a great Episerver meet-up last night… I may be paying the price this morning a little bit. I’ve actually had a few emails this morning about my talk, so for those interested in donut hole caching, my presentation can be downloaded from here: JonDJones Caching

You can download the sample site here: https://github.com/jondjones/JonDJones.Com.EpiserverDonutCaching

Or if you are super lazy, the Nuget package is here: https://www.nuget.org/packages/EpiserverDonutHoleCaching/

If you have any questions or queries then feel free to leave comments 🙂 If you missed out on the night and are interested in attending the next event, you can register your interest from meetup.com from here: http://www.meetup.com/EPiServer-London/


Jon D Jones

Software Architect, Programmer and Technologist Jon Jones is founder and CEO of London-based tech firm Digital Prompt. He has been working in the field for nearly a decade, specializing in new technologies and technical solution research in the web business. A passionate blogger by heart , speaker & consultant from England.. always on the hunt for the next challenge

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