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What Is A CMS And Why Your Company Should Be Using One

In this episode, I'll explain why you should never give your wallet to your mate on a night out in the pub and why your company should use a CMS to power their website. The CMS has been around for over a decade, in this episode I'll dig a little into[...]

How To Level Up Your Unit Tests

Learn my number one tip to help make writing your unit tests as 'fun' as possible. Learn how you could potentially write 20-30% less set-up code, with auto-fixture. To see some code examples, have a look here:[...]

Why You Should Be Unit Testing Dummy

In this episode, I talk about the benefits of unit testing and how a good unit can prevent drunken fools getting into da cluub! Learn one of the most overlooked points of unit tests and how you can be a legit unit testing boss. exciting times! For [...]


<p>In this video, I share the best career tip I learnt 10 years ago, this single tip helped me jumped my salary 150%. It might not be the 'sexiest' tip you'll ever hear, but if you simply follow it, it's almost guaranteed you'll make cash money!</p>

Wordpress Vs Umbraco

In today's episode, I compare Wordpress and Umbraco. Wordpress and Umbraco are both great choices, but, how do you decide when to use each one. Learn all the ins and outs of both platforms so you can make the right decision today. You can find more [...]
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