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Quick And Dirty Guide To Unit Testing With NUnit

Today's guide is going to be very quick and simple.  The actual writing of the unit test is usually pretty easy, the harder part is knowing how to write testable code, setting up/mocking the set dependencies required for your tests and also wrapping [...]

How To Cast Interfaces With JSON.NET

If you've read my previous article about JSON.NET then you'll know how easy it is to serialize your C# objects into JSON so you can store them in a database, CSV file or text file.  One thing my last article didn't cover, which confuses several peopl[...]

A Very Simple Tip To Make Episerver Development Easier

This is a very quick and simple tip.  If you work with clients who are as unorganized as a lot of mine have been over the years, then you will often face the challenge of needing to start work on the website before the actual HTML is ready yet to int[...]

How To Rebuild Your Umbraco Examine Indexes

The default search provider that comes with Umbraco is called Examine.  Under the hood, Examine uses a very popular search engine called Lucene.  Out of the box, Lucene is configured to index all of your Umbraco pages and then when your website loads[...]

4 Tips To Help You Get A Pay Rise!

If you're anything like me, then you'll want to get paid as much as possible for the time you spend working.  When I worked within as an employee, one of the things I noticed at the different companies where I worked, was that no matter how good (or [...]

Useful Moq Code Snippets

When you're aiming for high test coverage in your website, you'll inevitably need to test things like service locators, the HTTP context, controllers, base class and a host of other weird and wonderful classes.  In today's tutorial, I'm going to quic[...]
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