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How To Pass Parameters Into Your NUnit Tests

When a lot of people start unit testing, they seem to think that because the code isn't 'production' code that the unit test code doesn't really matter that much and that they can hack together something quick and dirty and it doesn't matter. General[...]

A Basic Code Example using Moq

Moq is a great framework that allows you to unit test part of your application that wouldn't otherwise be possible.  As we work with Microsoft, you might have code that's reliant on the HttpContext, or an SMTP provider to work.  When you run tests yo[...]

Moq - How To Deal With Invalid Verify On A Non-Virtual

Often when we want to write unit tests, we need to work with third-party code which we can't change.  Moq is a great free library, but it sadly can't mock non-virtual methods or properties.  This can be a pain but, usefully, it is fixable. I think in[...]

How To Create A Breadcrumb Using Umbraco CMS

Breadcrumbs help your visitors understand where they are on your website and, more importantly, how they can get back to previous pages.  Some people love breadcrumbs, some hate them, but they do help keep your visitors on your site.   Luckily, creat[...]
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