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4 Video Marketing Tips You Can Use With Umbraco CMS

Since the invention of the television, businesses and marketers have used video as a means to move their audience, with the intention of converting those viewers into sales. TV represented a huge revolution in the marketing industry and became the pr[...]

How to Find Lucrative Work as an IT Contractor

Taking the leap from full-time work to contracting for a living can be an exciting prospect. No longer do you have to stay in one place for years on end, you can be your own boss and only take on those projects that excite you! However, before you ta[...]

How Developers Can Get FREE Beer!

If you like to code and you like beer, this episode is for you. Learn how you can get access to free beer! That's right using this simple tip I can guarantee you free beer!   I'm hungover from the latest Episerver developer meet-up.  Going to develo[...]

How To Learn A New Language Like A BOSS!

Learning how to master a new programming language quickly is an essential skill to learn as a developer.  Throughout your career you'll be forced to learn new technologies, maybe to get your first coding job, maybe you just want to learn something ne[...]
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