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Logging A Ticket With The DXC Service Desk

This is another simple and easy guide for people like me, who can never remember URL's. Logging a ticket with Episerver DXC's managed services team is pretty easy. You log tickets via the online portal here:[...]

How I Got A New Programming Job In Less Than 4 Days

My current contract is coming to an end and I've just secured my next one.   My whole job searching process took 4 days.  In this episode, I'll talk you through how I look for work as well as share my best tips to help you negotiate a better rate nex[...]

I Am A DevOp?

I've been a .net dev/architect for 10+ years, however, over the past say year and half a lot of my time have been spent setting up the CI process for several clients, so I've been working with - TeamCity/Octopus/AWS/ Azure, Selenium. I saw a job spec[...]

My First Experience Deploying To DXC

In today's episode, I talk about my experiences with DXC. DXC is Episervers managed hosting platform (which is just fancy talk for they'll look after your website in Azure for you). In this episode, I talk about my issues setting up continuous integ[...]

Why Episerver Is Awesome!

In today's episode, I talk about why Episerver is awesome, and why you should be using it.  Episerver is one of .NETs most popular CMS systems.  It's is a very developer friendly CMS and if you're on the fence about using it, I recommend you watch th[...]
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