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How To Intergrate Hangfire Into The Umbraco Backend

Often on a website build, you'll need a way to manage background tasks.  When you need to do things like scheduling orders, sending emails, refreshing data from an external feed, then you'll need a way to call code on a frequent basis.   In the old d[...]

Who Will Win The .NET CORE CMS Race?

.NET Core is the next evolutionary step for Microsoft and the .NET platform.  .NET Core version 1 was released in late 2016 and it's a big change in the framework that will require you to completely re-write your website from the ground-up.  So the c[...]

How To Get A List Of Unpublished Pages in Umbraco

When content editors are adding content within Umbraco, they might not always want to instantly publish every page to the website straightaway.  You can do this by setting a pages publish date to a future date, as described in How To Unpublish a Page[...]

How To Check That A Page Contains A Property

Often when working within Umbraco, you will work need to work with content and the IContent objects.  When you work with IContent you don't necessarily know the document type you are working with.  If you try and use GetValue() and the property doesn[...]
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