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How To Create A Breadcrumb Using Umbraco CMS

Breadcrumbs help your visitors understand where they are on your website and more importantly, how they can get back to previous pages.  Some people love breadcrumbs, some hate them, but they do help keep your visitors on your site.   Luckily, creat[...]

What Is Fluent Assertions and Should I Be Using It?

Releasing a project without bugs is an essential part of every project.  One of the quickest and easiest tools to help you achieve that goal are unit tests.  Regardless of how high, or low your test coverage is, you should be writing unit tests. One [...]

What Is Stylecop?

When you work in a team it's a challenge to make sure that your codebase looks like it's been written by a single person.  Imagine reading a book where each chapter was written in a completetly different style and appraoch.  It'd be pretty crap.  One[...]
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