How To A/B Test A Block In The Episerver Editor

A/B Testing a block has also now been moved into the core product.  This means that if you want to A/B testing a block, that you no longer need to use any additional add-ons, like the self-optimising block anymore.  A/B testing a block is exactly the same as A/B testing a page.  In the editor, find the page you want to test and open it.  Find the block that you want to edit and make the changes you require episerver_ab_testing_block_1   After you make your changes the usual blue 'Ready To Publish' notification will appear as seen above. episerver_ab_testing_block_2 Instead of clicking the usual 'Publish' button, click the 'A/B Test Changes' episerver_ab_testing_block_3 From here you will be presented with the A/B testing screen.  The options here are exactly the same as the options to A/B test a page which I covered in, How To A/B A Page Within The Episerver Editor. episerver_ab_testing_block_4 After you have everything set-up as you want it, click the 'Start Test' button and away you go.

Jon D Jones

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