How To Add and Edit Files and Media In Your Pages In The Episerver Editor

Adding files and media to your web pages is exactly the same as adding and editing images. episerver_editor_guide_content_area_5 In the Episerver editor, in the top right-hand corner, click on the 'Toggle Assets' panel button. episerver_working_with_images Clicking on the 'Toggle Assets' button will cause the 'Assets Panel' to display.  To view the Media library, in the top panel, click on the 'Media' tab.  The Episerver media navigation tree should now display, as seen above. episerver_editor_media_0 To upload new files/media into Episerver you can either drag it into the media library or, click the '+' button at the bottom left-hand side. episerver_editor_media_1 After you have your files/media within Episerver you can simply drag it into the section you want it to display. Folders As mentioned in, Working With Images In The Episerver Editor.  You should organise your media into the folder.  I've seen countless organisations, forget to use folders and after a few years, the media library is a nightmare to use.  It's this reason why and folders become essential in locating media quickly and easily.  Plus...  creating a folder is easy takes second, so there's really no excuse to skip it. episerver_editor_media_2 To create a folder within the media library, find the parent folder where you want to create your new folder and on the right-hand side click the burger menu, so the 'Properties' dialogue appears and select, 'New Folder'.    

Jon D Jones

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