How To Change The Size Of A Component/Block In The Episerver Editor

Another power feature that Episerver provides is the ability to re-size components from the editor.  This ability for content editors to choose how components are displayed is one of the unique selling points of Episerver.   I've worked on a number Episerver projects and roughly 50% of them implement this feature, so it may, or, may not be applicable to your website.  I'm demonstrating this from the property view in Episerver, but, you can do exactly the same thing in the on-page editing view as well. Find a content area with a block already added into it (or create a new one yourself) and on the right-hand side click on the blocks burger menu: episerver_resizing_blocks_2 This will open the blocks properties menu, and from here you should see an option called 'Display As'.  Expanding this present you with a number of different rendering options  In the example above, the 'Jumbotron' block can be set to display to either take up the whole page, to take up either one-third of the page or to display as two-thirds of the page.    

Jon D Jones

Software Architect, Programmer and Technologist Jon Jones is founder and CEO of London-based tech firm Digital Prompt. He has been working in the field for nearly a decade, specializing in new technologies and technical solution research in the web business. A passionate blogger by heart , speaker & consultant from England.. always on the hunt for the next challenge

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