How To Delete and Restore a Page in the Episerver Editor

Sometimes unpublishing a page isn't enough. If you know you will never need to publish the contents of the page again then there's not much point in keeping it anymore. Deleting a page is really simple in Episerver, find the page in the navigation tree that you want to delete and click on the little burger menu on the right to open up the page properties dialogue: episerver_delete_page_1 Select 'Move to Trash' option. You will see a warning dialogue that will warn you if you want to delete your page with a big 'Move To Trash' button, press that and your page will be deleted!

Restoring A Page

Deleting and restoring pages in Episerver is very similar how you would on your computer. When you delete a page it is moved to the recycle bin, to restore it you need to open up the Recycle Bin, find the page and restore it: episerver_delete_page_2 To open the Recycle Bin, at the bottom of 'Navigation Panel' click the 'Settings' button and click the 'View Trash' button. episerver_delete_page_3 Find the page you wish to restore in the Trash, you can either do this manually or, by using the search feature. On the right-hand side of the item, you will see a 'Restore' option, click it. episerver_delete_page_4 Click the 'Yes' button and your page will be back in the normal navigation tree.

Emptying the Recycle Bin

If you no longer require any of the content within the Recycle Bin you can delete it permanently. You can either delete pages on a need to know basis or, you can completely clean the whole bin in one go. Like, windows when you clear the trash that page will be gone forever. episerver_delete_page_5 If you want to delete everything from the recycle bin, when you are in the trash view, in the top right-hand side click the 'Empty Trash' button.

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