How To Unpublish a Page In The Episerver Editor

After you create and publish a new Episerver page you may want to unpublish it.  There are many reasons for unpublishing a page, a news item is out of date, a product is out of stock etc...  if you no longer wish for the page to be publicly visible, you need to: episerver_unpublish_page Locate the page you wish to unpublish in the navigation tree and click on it to load it. episerver_unpublish_page_1 On the 'All Properties' view, find the 'Tools' dropdown and select the 'Manage Expiration and Archiving' option. episerver_unpublish_page_2 This will load the 'Manage Expiration and Archiving' dialogue.  From here you have several options:

  • Unpublish Now... obvious
  • Expire Date.. unpublish the page on a specific date in the future.  This option is useful when you need to be removed from the website at a specific date, but are unable to do so manually.
  • Archive.. this will move the page to an archive section when it becomes unpublished

Let's assume you want to unpublish the page immediately, click 'Next' episerver_unpublish_page_3

Jon D Jones

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