Episerver Core Concepts

Whether you’re learning Episerver, Umbraco or other CMS systems for that matter, there are core website concepts that are central to learning how to use Episerver correctly and that’s what we’re going to go through today.

In this programming primer, we’re going to start at the very beginning and assume that you don’t have any knowledge of working with Episerver.  This section won’t cover any code, but, will introduce the concepts you need to understand.

An Introduction to the EPiServer Dynamic Data Store

Episerver provides a nice out of the box way for you to dynamically store your data.. called the dynamic data store.  The dynamic data store allows us, as developers, to store compile time and runtime data types.  This can be handy when you don't kno[...]

How To Architect Your First Episerver Project Into Pages and Blocks

Starting a new project can be a very daunting experience, even for the most experienced developer.  The first time you sit down and try to figure out everything that needs doing, before, now, and then, can be very overwhelming.  You have expectations[...]

Initialization Modules Explained

On every project, you'll need certain configuration code to run when your website is loaded for the first time.  In EpiWorld, this is done by something called an InitializationModule.  Before we delve into how initialization modules work, we should p[...]

Why are Pages and Blocks Returned From The Episerver API Read-Only?

When you use the Get<>() or GetChildren<>() methods from IContentLoader or IContentRepository, the page data that will get returned will always be a read-only version. If you try and update a property and save it you will get Why? Why wou[...]

Why Does Episerver Need A Content Reference?

When you start using Episerver CMS, you will come across the content reference class very quickly.  The  content reference class is used to retrieve an Episerver content items unique identifier.  The bigger underlining question I think some developer[...]

What is the IContent Interface?

In This limitation meant that a lot of developers would hack the system and create a NewsItemPageType for example, that would be used to populate a news feed.  This worked in most situations, but the approach definitely had its limitations. With the[...]

What Is The Difference Between An Episerver Page and an Episerver Block?

The first concept you need to learn when working with Episerver CMS is Pages and Blocks.  If you have worked with any types of CMS before, then pages are pretty self-explanatory.  A website will be built out of several page types/templates.  A standa[...]

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