Episerver Dynamic Properties

Episerver properties are similar to the .NET equivalent, it can be of any type that is declared directly in your templates/blocks.  Some examples of Episerver properties that come out of the box include strings, rich text, content areas.  If out the box properties don’t meet your needs, then you can create your own custom properties fairly easy.  This section covers any questions you might have about properties, what properties are available, how to implement them in your templates/blocks and how to create custom ones.

EPiServer : The Simple Way To Add An Image Or A Dropdown Picker to A Dynamic Control

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a Vimeo/Youtude Dynamic control.  Had a requirement from our client to allow them to be able to drop an image or Vimeo or YouTube video anywhere on their EPiserver 6 R2 site.   In order to achieve this,[...]

Creating Your Own Custom Dynamic Property Settings Form

We had a requirement for a user to be able to dynamically add different 'things' to a page; think of things such as a contact detail from an address book or business locations.  The tricky part of the problem was that these 'things' had to be able to[...]

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