Episerver Getting An Episerver Job

A lot of Episerver newbies struggle to get work with Episerver.  This section covers some job interview questions and some advice about how to look for Episerver work.

Episerver : My Top Tips On How To Get Started As An Episerver Developer

Learning a new CMS can be daunting at first.  When I started my first EPi server project, like a lot of other projects, I didn't choose the CMS, I was just told what the client had picked and when it had to be done in a month. Short time-scale is a c[...]

EPiServer Interview Questions

EPiServer7 What attribute can you decorate a Property to make it mandatory? Required What attribute do you need to add to a class to make it a scheduled task ? ScheduledPlugIn What is the difference between a content area and a block ? How d[...]

How To Get Back Into Episerver Development

Someone recently got in contact with me asking how they can learn Episerver. This person used to work with Episerver several years ago and wanted me to tell him how he should get into it again, which is no easy question Before I dole out any advice,[...]

3 Basic Steps to Help You Become an Episerver MVP

Sometime around 2012, I decided that as I made a living from making websites, it was probably a good idea to set-up a website to demonstrate my skills. Over a weekend, I knocked up a very ugly and basic HTML page that had my CV on it. A few months l[...]

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