Episerver Page Types

I think most people reading this will understand the conept of a template to create content.  A page type is the building block Episerver uses to construct a template for content editors.  As you would expect page types are very customizable.   This section covers the fundamentals of page types, how you can create some and how you can extend them.

How To Quickly Create Content Icons In Episerver

One of my biggest pet peeves when using any system is the lack of attention to the details.  I mean as anyone who works on projects knows, time pressures mean that shortcuts might be taken in order to hit a deadline. A commonly overlooked task in the editor is the failure to define content icons […]

How To Return Different Valdation Warnings To Content Editors When Publishing In Episerver

In Episerver 7+ developers have been provided with a handy new feature to provide different levels of feedback to content editors when they create new pages and blocks using the ValidationErrorSeverity enumeration. The ValidationErrorSeverity comes in four flavours: None Info Warning Error Which, when triggered, a dialogue will appear next to the publish button: There […]

Defining The Available Page Types Allowed To Be Created Under a Page in Episerver

Recently, one of the developers on the team had this error when he tried to do an import of content via a scheduled job. So today I thought I'd write about the importance of restricting what pages should be allowed to be created under each other Why Bother Restricting Page Types? As an Episerver architect, […]

Restricting the Episerver Page Types available on the root page

In order to make content editors lives a lot easier, it's a good idea to restrict the pages that they can create.  This is done using the [AvailableContentType] attribute, on top of your page type definition, if you added the following code then content editors would only be allowed to create child pages of type […]

How to a render a page in a content area as a partial?

When working with Episerver we have page types and blocks. I've written previously about How To Make A Block Use Multiple Views ? A Partial View Controller Explained, today I'll talk you through how to display a page type as a partial. What is a page partial? A page type is an easy concept to […]

EPiServer Page Types A Quick Reference Guide

Page types are the most fundamental building block on any Episerver project.  Websites are built up of pages, you might have a homepage, a contact us page, a blog post page etc.. a page type is the way Epi provides developers of representing these pages in code. PageData object Every Episerver page type will need […]

Episerver : PageTypeBuilder Reference Cheat Sheet

On a day-to-day basis, I have to create a lot of different page types.  I always forget the names of the properties I need or the syntax, so I've created this quick reference sheet filled with quick code snippets. Useful things to note : Class Declarations : AvailablePageTypes : Allows you to define what child […]