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Whats New In Sitecore 9

Sitecore 9 has been out for a little while and with it comes a host of new features.  In this guide, you will learn more about these features. Sitecore Installation Framework The first biggest noticeable change in Sitecore 9 is that the SIM and the[...]

Thoughts On Installing Sitecore 9

In this episode, I talk about my experiences of installing Sitecore 9. This video will give you a high-level overview of all the steps you will need to follow in . order for you to install Sitecore on your PC. I was a little put off trying to instal[...]

How To Install Sitecore 9

In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Sitecore 9 on your local PC.  In terms of installing Sitecore, version 9 is completely different than other versions.  Gone are the days running the Sitecore installer.  In version 9, you will be using [...]

How To Install Solr For Sitecore

If you want to use Sitecore 9 you will have to install Solr locally on your PC.  Installing Solr is fairly straight-forward, however, when running it with Sitecore there is one small caveat... Sitecore 9 REQUIRES that everything runs over SSL, regard[...]

My Advice For People Upgrading Sitecore

This weeks email is from Ken Vanderboom. 'I stumbled across your website because I am trying to get a Sitecore 7.2 upgraded to 7.5 (and eventually all the way to 9). I have Sitecore itself upgraded to 7.5 (initial release) but the website isn't worki[...]

Trying To Learn Sitecore Development?

Sitecore is one of the most popular .NET CMS systems.  As a contractor, there always seems to be more Sitecore work compared to other CMS systems.  Getting into Sitecore isn't as easy as you might expect.  In this episode, I'll cover some of the chal[...]

Why You Need To Upgrade Your Sitecore CMS

A common question I frequently get asked by marketing and business folk involves upgrading. Anyone who has worked with a CMS system for a long period of time will usually have a horror story about an upgrade; the upgrade might have been promised to t[...]

15 Reasons Why Visitors Leave Your Website In 10 Seconds

Have you ever wondered why some people leave your website so quickly?  Just because you spend time and money building a website doesn't mean anyone is going to visit it, let alone stick around long enough to read anything.  It’s not easy to continual[...]

How To Create A Layout For A Sitecore Page

This is the fourth article in the 'Creating Your First Sitecore Page' series, we'll finally get around to discussing our web pages presentation. In Sitecore, when we talk about presentation and rendering text, CSS, JS and images onto our pages, we ta[...]
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