How To Copy/Clone a Page in the Umbraco Backend

Instead of creating a new page within Umbraco each time, it’s often quicker to copy an existing page, or section instead and then change the bits you care about.  Cloning pages in Umbraco is very simple.  In the Umbraco backend, find the page you want to clone in the navigation explore and right-click on it to load the properties dialog. umbraco_content_editors_guide_cloning_page_1 In the properties/actions, click ‘Copy’. umbraco_content_editors_guide_cloning_page_2 In the navigation explorer, find the area you want to create the clone page and select it.  A blue tick will appear indicating the page has been selected. There are two additional options you can select when creating a clone.  If you select 'Relate copied items to the original page’ any change you make to the copied page will also be added to the original. In most situations, you won't want the original and the duplicate to be linked so usually you won't select this. The second option is the 'Include Descendants' which will also include any child pages in the cloning process   Click the 'Copy' button and the page will be cloned.

Jon D Jones

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