How To Enable or Disable The Umbraco Spell Checker

Umbraco, like a lot of the main CMS playa's, Umbraco uses the TinyMce editor to provide rich-text editing facilities for content editors. TinyMCE provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface and is one of the main reasons why it has become an industry standard staple. This post will quickly walk you through how to enable/disable the Umbraco spell checker in TinyMce. For people like me, who are 'spelling challenged', it can be a handy tip. On any project, the more you can help and improve a content editor's life, the more successful the project will seem within an organisation.

Changing The TinyMCE settings

To change the TinyMce settings is pretty straightforward. Log into the Umbraco backend and open the 'Developers' section. umbraco_enable_spell_checker In the 'Developer' section, navigate to the 'Richtext editor' option in 'Data Types'. Under 'Settings' you should see a host of options. On the bottom right corner, you should see the spell checker symbol. Simply enable/disable this feature and click save. From here you can also enable/disable a number of editing options. My recommendation on all projects is to enable everything. Again, the more you can improve content editors' lives, the happier people will be.


In today's guide, we've briefly covered TinyMCE and how you can turn on/off some of the editing features, specifally the spell checker. Enjoy!

Jon D Jones

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