The Umbraco Richtext Editor Explained

The Rich Text Editor is the control you will use to add most of your content onto your website.  I think almost everyone reading this will be familiar with the interface.   If you have used Microsoft Word, or Google docs, then the interface should be pretty familiar. The reason why the rich text editor may look familiar to some people, is that instead of writing their own rich-text editor, Umbraco uses a third-party product called TinyMCE.  The TinyMCE editor is used throughout the internet.  Episerver, Sitecore and Wordpress all use the same editor, so there is a lot of information out there on how to use it. The editor is pretty simple to use, but if you ever get stuck I would recommend including the term 'TinyMCE' when you Google your problem, as you are a lot more likely to find a solution umbraco_rich_text_editor_1 Your rich text editor might have a few extra or less buttons depending on how your IT department has configured your website, but, by default, the editor should look pretty similar to the screenshot above. The interesting button in the editor that you may not be familiar with is the 'Insert Macro' button, although I'll cover Macros in more detail later in this chapter.

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Jon D Jones

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