How To Configure Umbraco

Umbraco is extremely configurable and has a variety of different settings that can be tweaked and changed.  This guide isn’t aimed at detailing every tiny detail imaginable, but, aims to provide you easy to follow instruction about how to get up and running with some of the basic tasks.

How To Create A 404 Page In Umbraco 7

An important task on any website build is to create a good looking 404 page and configure it.  Luckily, Umbraco does this out of the box very easily with some slight configuration. First, if you try running your Umbraco website and typing any old [...]

How To Set Up A Custom Lucene Index With Umbraco

Umbraco, like a lot of CMS systems, decided against creating a custom search functionality from scratch, instead, they implement one of the most widely used search providers available, Lucene. Lucene is a really powerful search library that is also s[...]

The Umbraco ApplicationEventHandler Explained

On a lot of projects, you’ll need to hook into the Umbraco pipeline. In today's tutorial, I'll briefly explain why you may want to consider using an ApplicationEventHandler, what sort of things you can use it for and the code you'll need to write in [...]

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