Umbraco Custom Extensions

This section covers some custom MVC extension methods I’ve created to use within Umbraco.

How To Allow Content Editors To Add Partials Into Umbraco

In my last post, What Is An Umbraco Macro I discussed the benefits and usages of macros. If you have worked on a bog standard MVC site at all, you should be used to working with partial view. Partial views are the MVC ways to create re-usable components within your project. In today's guide, I'm […]

What Is An Umbraco Macro?

In Umbraco, we can customise the user experience in several different ways.  One handy feature to allow content editors to add re-usable components onto a page is to implement custom macros in your project.  In case you haven't run into macro's before, a macro is a reusable piece of code that developers can build into […]