Umbraco Unit Testing

Writing well tested and reliable code should be the aim of every developer who works with Umbraco.  This section covers some of the techniques to write unit tests within Umbraco.

How To Unit Test Your Umbraco Website

This is the second part of my Umbraco 7 unit testing series.  Nowadays, everyone by now understands the importance of unit testing, however, on CMS based projects I think a lot of companies drop the ball and don't spend enough time on unit tests.  Now, I'm not too sure if people still find it too […]

How To Set-Up Structure Map With Umbraco 7

This post will be the first in a series that will cover how to unit test your Umbraco website.  The first step to unit testing any project is implementing an Inversion Of Control container within your project.  There are a number of IOC frameworks available; from my experience StructureMap is pretty easy to use and […]