Looking For A Sitecore Developer?

Finding the right developer for your Sitecore project is probably one of the key ingredients for getting a project successfully delivered. With over a decade worth of CMS experience, a recognised Episerver EMVP and an owner of a popular CMS blog that gets over 10,000 visitors a month I hear a lot of feedback from agencies and clients about not being able to find the right Sitecore developer for their projects.

Over the years, I've been lucky to work with many talented people, and sadly too many people who unfortunately haven't met expectations. From my own first-hand experience, I know that finding good Sitecore developers can be tricky. A few years ago, after starting this blog and starting my own company, I started getting regular work offers from companies who had read my blog, liked my philosophy to life and web architecture and wanted to see if we could work together.

I'm a small business owner and I only have the resource to take on one big project at a time and unfortunately, I can't take on all the work offers I receive. It's not in my nature to just turn someone away without trying to provide some value, so, instead of turning companies away, where I could I tried to help, or, recommend good Sitecore developers that might be a good fit for the company. This recommendation approach seemed to be mutually beneficial, I can create a good relationship with your company while providing independent advice about what resources and help you might need.

If you are in the process of trying to implement Sitecore for a project and are looking for a resource, then I might be able to help you. My company has partnered with a London recruitment firm with the aim of finding right people for projects. The aim of this partnership is to not simply fill a role with a body, but, to get someone with a solid Sitecore background to see what options are on the market, what your bespoke in-house needs are and what options are available to you.

From the feedback I've received from companies, I think to get on LinkedInm sending hundreds of direct emails until you find someone does work, but it might not get the best person for your project. If you need some resource and would like to know a little more, please fill in the contact form below. All you need to do is tell me a little bit more about your company and the type of help you need. If I know anyone who I think might be a good fit for you, then I'll get back to you so we can discuss the project further and see if we can help each other out. 

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