Make Money As A Programmer

How To Start A Badass Development Blog

I bet everyone reading this post has a secret to-do list of things that they know they should do, but keep putting off? Sounds familiar right? My personal skeleton is my Episerver book. At the time of writing, I've written more than half of it.. but [...]

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog as a Software Developer

In today's post, I'm going to write about how I've used this website to help me make more money. A few years' ago, I was working on some very new and not widely used CMS product that had very bad documentation and virtually no information existed on-[...]

8 Reaons Why You Should Get A Contracting Job

Today's post is part two of a series that will highlight the pro's and the con's of becoming a contractor; if you missed the first part you can get up to speed here. In this second part, I will list all the benefits I've personally experienced from b[...]
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