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CMS Website Specialist
Technical Architect
EPiServer EMVP Developer

Are you looking for a capable and competent individual to work or oversee a project for you or a client? Do you need someone who can come in and just get on with your project? Do you need someone to provide you with solid technological recommendations and costings based on your unique situation? Do you find in this fast pace sector, you want to concentrate on doing what you do best and leave the technical details to someone you can rely on? If so, read on…

I am well experienced with the web and mobile delivery, totalling over 16,000 hours of experience ranging over decades worth of commercial experience. I have a varied skill-set with experience working across a number of different sectors for many of the UK’ s leading brands, ranging from the public sector, telecommunications, retail, finance, charities and education.

I started my current business Digital Prompt so I could independently work with clients in delivering their web and mobile projects. This freedom has allowed me to focus all my attention on creating cool projects with a solid underlining process focused on delivery. It is this fusion of approaches that still makes me passionate about what I do.

My main focus is towards Content Managed Solutions (CMS) using the Microsoft technologies especially using the EPiServer platform. I have been an EPiServer developer for over 4 years but I like to dabble in a wide variety of technologies and I try to be technology agnostic in my approach as possible.

My belief in life is to live an extraordinary life and I’m passionate about helping other people to do the same. In my spare time, I run several websites to help people find better work opportunities.


    I have been working as a professional developer for over 8 years.  I take on projects dealing with content managed websites, desktop applications and mobile development.


    My clients are mainly design agencies and small business owners who have a project or an idea and need help turning it into a reality. Sometime I work as a lone wolf but the majority of the time I play well with others.


    I’m a problem solver.  Present me with an obstacle, and I’ll do my best to overcome it in the most elegant and simple way possible.  That’s why I love development. Every day brings a new little riddle for me to solve, a new issue to tackle. Interested in my work? Check out my CV, portfolio or even have a dig around with some of my code to find out more.


    I have just under a decades worth of experience working with CMS Solutions, I’m an 1 of only 3 EpiServer EMVP’s in the UK and I have been working as an EPiserver developer/expert for over five years. I am Sitecore certified and I have a vast array of experience with Umbraco and WordPress.


    If you have a project and need help with it then get in contact with me so we can discuss it further. If you fill out the form on the contact us page then I will be contact within a 24 hours.