Upgrading To Episerver Commerce 8 : Virtual path to protected packages is invalid: ''.

When we recently upgraded to Episerver Commerce Manager to Commerce 8 and whenever we tried to view commerce manager, we kept getting a 'Virtual path to protected packages is invalid: ''.' error comemrce_Virtual_path_to_protected_packages_is_invalid The fix was to remove all traces of EPiServer.Packaging.dll and EPiServer.Packaging.UI.dll from your commerce project. YOU ONLY DO THIS IN YOUR COMMERCE PROJECT. First, you need to remove the files in 'modules\_protected' it's best to make a file copy of anything you delete as it can be a pain to get them back. Most of these files are needed by the EPi Ui to run. comemrce_Virtual_path_delted The next step was to remove the references from the project itself: episerver_comemrce_virtual_path_deleted_visual_studio After this, the last step was to check both the dll's had been removed from the bin directory.  A bit more information about this unsuccessful removal of EPiServer UI Add-ons if not successfully removed can be found here ( Changes to package locations )

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