How To Publish Content Within The Episerver Editor

Episerver has several options when it comes to saving and publishing content onto your website. Auto-Saving For everyday content editing, Episerver's auto-save function will ensure that you don't lose any of your work.  Auto-saving is great for pages that you’re still in the process of editing and you don't want to display on your website, just yet. episerver_publishing_1 Saving should be a pretty obvious process, the page will be saved in its current state so you can return to the page later and edit it.  Episerver doesn't have a specific save button, but will auto-save your work in the background.  As you make changes you should see the 'Auto-save' message at the top of the page appear. episerver_publishing_0 Using the 'Preview ' button will show you how the page will look once published. Publishing When your page is ready to be displayed on your website, you will need to publish it.   Publish a page is the process of making it appear on your website immediately.  The publishing area can be seen on the top right-hand side within the page's main content view. episerver_interface_explained_9 A big blue button will show when you have changes that have yet to be published to the website.  Clicking on the 'Publish?' a drop-down will reveal a big 'Publish Changes' button.  Clicking on this will publish your web page. Scheduled Publishing Scheduled publishing is ideal when you need a page, or some changes to go live at a specific date in the future.  One very common example of this is press releases. episerver_publishing_2 Schedule a page to be published is very similar to normal publishing.  In the 'Publish' section in the top right-hand side, select the 'Schedule for Publish' option. episerver_publishing_3 This will launch the 'Schedule Publish' dialogue.  From here you can specify a date for Episerver to publish your changes.  After you select a date, press the 'Schedule' button and sit back and let Episerver do the hard work for you. Episerver will now automatically publish the page at the date and the time you chose.

Jon D Jones

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