How To Reorder Pages In The Episerver Editor

Reordering pages is a very common requirement for content editors.  By default, when you create a new page under a parent, Episerver will create your new page as the last page in its hierarchy. If you have a menu that displays all your child pages, your new page might be displayed as the last item in the menu.  If you want the page to be displayed first, then you will need to reposition your page within the editor so it's the first page in the hierarchy. episerver_moving_pages_1 Reordering a page is exactly the same process as moving pages.   In the 'Navigation Panel', find the page you want to move, click on it so the item should be highlighted in green.  Keep the mouse button pressed down, so you can drag the page to the area you want to move it.    Following this process order, your pages episerver_reordering_1 Letting go of the mouse button will drop the page and move it to the new location.  Episerver will automatically publish your changes, so before it will move your page, you will be asked to confirm that you want to move it.

Jon D Jones

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