How To See A Blocks Save History In The Episerver Editor

Today's post is a quick tip to help content editors.  In a lot of companies, content approval is an important part of meeting compliance.  In order for a content approver to be able to see approved content changes, they have to be able to see the differences between the current version and the old one.  Surprisingly I get asked this question a lot from different companies and to be fair, seeing the differences between blocks is hidden and enabling it is definitely not very intuitive. Workflow is being looked at and should be updated to version 10.  'Projects' is another approach I recommend you take a look at. However, if you want to do a very simple comparison between block version  as follows: In the block that you want to inspect, click 'Edit' episerver_block_version_history_1 Expand the left-hand side 'Asset Panel', click the 'Settings' button at the top, and select 'Add Gadgets' episerver_block_version_history_2 From here, open the 'CMS' tab and select 'Versions' episerver_block_version_history_3 In the bottom panel of the 'Assets' toolbar, you should now see a complete version history for the block.

Jon D Jones

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