Episerver Admin Plugins

This section covers creating custom admin plug-ins in the Episerver backend. If you need some custom functionality that only administrators should have access to then this is the area where you will create your pages.

If you have never created an admin plug-in, I recommend you start with this post: How To Create A Custom Admin Plug-in in Less Than 5 Minutes.

EPiServer : How To Create A Custom Admin Plug-in in Less Than 5 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will show you how to quickly create an EPi server admin plug-in from scratch... in less than 5 minutes, that will also load and save data into Epi-server.  The plug-in will display the current time and a button to update it.  The [...]

Episerver : Creating An Admin Image Picker

Tutorial time again!  I've recently had a mini nightmare trying to create an image picker in the Admin.  I spent a few hours searching around the web but I couldn't see any nice and easy EPi-plugins to use (everything was editor based) .  After a bit[...]

EPiServer : VPP View Admin Plug-in. How To Find Where In The VPP Folder Your Images Lives!

I recently had a few problems with the VPP folder for one of my clients. The server was set-up in a staging/live environment. We were using a program called SugarSync to make sure the VPP folders mirrored each other, rather than having to rely on a t[...]

Episerver 6 - Creating Custom Profile Properties Via the Admin

I had a requirement to add a profile image to the EPiServer 6 blog plug-in to enable content editors to have their profile image displayed against any post they submit via the plug-in. I had two options, my first idea was to create a user pagetype a[...]

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