Episerver Content Areas

A content area is a specialised Episerver property type that allows content editors to add dynamic components (like blocks) into CMS pages.  It is very common that you may need to customise this property, say to add integration with the bootstrap framework.  This section describes content areas in more details and covers some techniques to customise it.

How To Prevent A Single Block Exception Taking Down Your Whole Episerver Page

Episerver provides content editors with a lot of flexibility for configuring content.  Gone are the days of having lots and lots of different templates.  On my projects, I would typically have less than 20 page types and then x number of blocks.  One common problem that keeps cropping up, is how to deal with block […]

How To Restrict The Blocks Allowed Within A Content Area In Episerver

A common requirement on most websites is to restrict what blocks can be added to different content areas.  On most projects we usually implement a carousel.  To add a new slider into a carousel is usually done by adding a slide block into a content area within the carousel.  Any other block would break the carousels […]

How to Create a Custom Content Area Validator in Episerver?

In some projects, you may want to add some form of custom validation in your content areas, for example you may only want to allow 5 blocks in a carousel, or, you only want certain blocks to be allowed.  In Episerver there isn't a very easy way to do it via the UI, if you […]

Episerver 7 : Extra divs in content area how to remove them ?

In Episerver 7 onwards, you may notice that the CMS injects two tags above and below all content areas.  When it comes to keeping a static design in-sync with your CMS site, very often you will get broken styles and a lot of crazyness. The extras are required by Episerver in order to provide the […]