Episerver Dependency Injection

This section covers implementing inversion of control within Episerver.  If you want to create a well tested and flexible website, you need to read and understand the principles in this area.  Out-of-the-box Episerver uses structure map and if you are new to Epi and dependency injection I recommend using it.

EPiServer: Dependencies in Episerver Explained - Unit Testing Part 1

Trying to get 100% test coverage in your project is a noble goal.  With Episerver 7 onwards, unit testing is a lot more achievable.  In olden times, you may have a class that called the DataFactory to get some information from Episerver.  Doing this [...]

A Very Simple Dependency Injection Technique For Episerver

Dependency injection and inversion of control are not new concepts in Episerver. From version 7 onwards, injecting the Episerver API has become a standard, which is great. I've talked about Structure map and Episerver many times before, if you want t[...]

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