Episerver Event Handling

This section covers event handling in Episerver.   Event handling within your website can cover many aspects, you can hook into page events, so when you publish a page you may want something to happen.  On the flipside of the coin, you may want to create a real-time application feature on your website that will require third-party libraries to be integrated within Episrver.

How to Hook Into The Episerver CMS Events Pipeline

A common requirement when working with Episerver is to add custom functionality into the page's events, for example, you may need to run custom code when you save, delete or move content. One example that springs to mind, is re-indexing your website'[...]

How To Prevent A Page Being Deleted in Episerver

I had a requirement on a recent project to store a reference to an Episerver page in a third-party database. This is fairly straightforward to achieve, serialise the content reference, then store it as a string within the database, however, as simple[...]

Different Ways Of Implementing Notifications Within Episerver

Everyone reading this should understand the concepts of a notification area on a website, we've all been using website's long enough! A notification is a message you can display to the user, usually as an icon in a notification area, usually in the h[...]

How To Install SignalR Within Episerver

In today's tutorial, I'm going to create how to install SignalR with Episerver. First, you need to install two Nuget packages, right-click on your solution, select 'Manage Nuget Packages for solution...', from your search type in SignalR You will [...]

How To Create A Real-Time Notification Area Within Your Episerver Website

This post is a continuation of: Different Ways Of Implementing Notifications Within Episerver and How To Install SignalR Within Episerver . In today's guide, I'm going to go over a demo project I've created that implements real-time notifications wi[...]

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