Episerver Getting Started With Episerver Development

If you have ever wondered where to start when it comes to Episerver, this website will answer all of your questions. You are never too old or too young to learn a new CMS and it is not as hard as you think.  If you work for a company and you’re being forced to learn Episerver then I’d recommend reading these articles to understand why learning a CMS can benefit your career:


Beginner’s Guide: What is Episerver?

Often people or businesses ask me, "Why should I use Episerver? Isn’t my current website good enough? Why should I switch to Episerver?" If you want to know the answers to some of these questions, then this guide was written for you. In today's artic[...]


EPiServer 7 : How To Log Into The Alloy Sample Site First Time

When you set-up your Alloy Sample site for the first time, I always forget how to log-in, so this is a note more for myself than anyone else.  By default the Alloy Sample uses the MultiplexingRoleProvider and MultiplexingMembershipProvider providers.[...]


Episerver Glossary

B2B: Business to business Block: A component that can be added to a page.  Carousels, accordions and call to action banners are all examples of blocks CMS:Content Management System DXC: Episerver Digital Experience Cloud.  A cloud-based host[...]


Episerver license, what is it and how do I get one?

This post is targeted towards developers. If you are an Episerver partner or client, you will be assigned an Episerver account manager and they can deal with a full or partner license for you. Why would a developer need a license? Well, you may ne[...]


Episerver Review - Why You Should Consider Using Episerver To Power Your Website

Episerver is Scandinavian software development company that provides commercial enterprise-level software to power your website or intranet. Episerver offers a range of products from web content management, powerful content search as well as an E-Com[...]


Getting started with Episerver CMS Development

I frequently receive e-mails from developers who want to learn how to become an Episerver developer and need advice on where to get started. For anyone new to Episerver and wants to learn how to become an Episerver ninja in no time, today's post will[...]


How To Create A New Episerver Database?

As developers, we often want to experiment and tinker around with things.  The annoying part of this is that our development databases can often get destroyed or corrupted.  To make life easier, Episerver introduced a quick and easy way for us to cre[...]


How To Install EPiServer 7.5 Using the New Visual Studio Extension

Since Episerver 7.5 you can install Episerver CMS via Nuget. Being able to install Episerver via Nuget makes upgrading a lot simpler compared to previous versions. In the future when you want to upgrade your site, you should be able to do it via the [...]


The Quick and Easy Way To Find Your EPiServer Websites CMS Version Number

If you have to support a lot of Episerver websites, it's useful to know which version of Episerver you are dealing with. If you have access to the code base you can check the Nuget package version, if you only have access to the Episerver backend the[...]

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