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Even thought MVC came out in 2009 I still run into clients using web forms.. sweet Jesus, why?  With .NET Core drawing near, don’t spend time on learning how to develop applications for yet another framework instead use this section to learn best practice techniques implementing Episerver with MVC .

Starting with version 7, Episerver introduced fully .NET MVC support. One of my favorite points about Epi is that its footprint is very subtle.   Episerver follows the MVC Framework patterns and standards very closely, so as long as you understand MVC well you can easily get up and running with Episerver quickly.  This section describes how the MVC Framework fits with Episerver’s data model and presentation elements.

What Should The MVC ViewModel Be Used For in Episerver ?

We recently had a discussion in the office about the point of using a view model in Episerver, what should go in it and why it's needed.  A lot of the team had very conflicting views, so I thought I'd share my views. For a quick MVC overview recap, [...]

How To Use A "Normal" Page Controller In Episerver?

When working with Episerver, you get very used to rendering pages and blocks, however, if you want to render a normal MVC controller, life can be a little more difficult without the right know how. Routing Before we go into the code, we need to talk [...]

How To Display Episerver Blocks In Your MVC Views Using The PropertyFor Helper

Back in the days before MVC, when the only option of using Episerver was with web forms, we used the 'EPiServer:Property' control to render our page type properties on a page, like so: <EPiServer:Property runat="server" PropertyName=&q[...]

The Differences Between An MVC Page Request and an Episerver Page Request

One of the biggest challenges I think a lot of developers struggle with is understanding the difference between MVC and Episerver.  I have heard untold conversations between developers blaming Episerver for doing something unwanted, when in the major[...]

How To Create a View Model For Your Layout View In Episerver CMS

If you are familiar with MVC then the concept of abstracting your presentation files from your business logic should be pretty self-explanatory.  If you're not sure about this, then I recommend reading up on MVC a bit.  Most people are very familiar [...]

How To Redirect To Another Episerver Page From A MVC Controller

When we work with Episerver, it is sometimes necessary to have to do things like re-direct to different actions or pages from an MVC controller. In today's guide, I'm going to cover a few simple ways to achieve this: In normal MVC we can re-direct t[...]

An Introduction To Use Episerver with MVC

Episerver has supported MVC since Episerver version 7 and since then hundreds of websites have been built using it. For those of you new to .NET, MVC is an architectural pattern that makes it easier for you to rewrite code that is easier to maintain,[...]

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