Episerver performance

Caching is an important aspect of any project, if after caching your website still loads slowly you will need to use some profiling software to identify bottlenecks and refactor your code to make it more performant. This section covers some of the tips and techniques to help identify these issues.

How To Enabled HTTP2 With Episerver

Over the last year or so, HTTP/2 is becoming a more widely adopted feature.  In today's post, I'm going to talk about what HTTP2 is, why you should be using it and how to implement it with your Episerver website. What Is HTTP/2? We all know and love HTTP but it's getting on a bit […]

How To Install Mini Profiler With EpiServer

Page load speed is an essential factor in any business web delivery plan. If a web page takes too long to load, site visitors will simply jump ship and go somewhere else. EpiServer comes with a few basic in-built tools that can help you refine your page load times, but, in my opinion, if you […]

How To Speed Test Your Episerver Website

10 Common Issues That Will Kill Your Episerver Website’s Load Time

If your website loads slowly then you will experience higher bounce rates, you'll get fewer return visitors, customers will complain and you'll end up losing revenue and potentially damage your company's reputation beyond repair... so having a good optimization strategy and testing your website is performant before you launch should be at the top of […]

Performance tuning your Episerver Website

With the advent of faster processes, quicker internet connections and advances in technology, it's quite surprising that a study done by Radware found that in eCommerce sites at least, web performance has slowed on average 16% than previous year (New Radware Research Reveals Top Retailers Sites Too Slow, Struggle to Meet Customer Needs). With that […]

How To Improve Your Episerver Website’s Performance Using Yahoo Yslow Score

Building a website that loads quickly is a critical step nowadays in order to create a successful website. To ensure your Episerver site has a blisteringly fast load speed, it’s a good idea to run a few speed tests against it. There are many tools available on the market to test the loading speed of […]

Episerver 7 : How To Improve Site Performance With Caching For MVC

Adding in Output Caching Globally On All Controllers First off, you can enable global 'OutputCacheAttribute ' to cache all of your controllers.  This approach is a bit more flexible than having to add it to each action on your site, as recommended in several sources.  In order to add the cache globally. you need to […]