Episerver Structuring Your Project

Setting up Visual Studio correctly can make your life a lot more enjoyable.  I don’t think there’s anything more frustrating than not being able to understand your project, find code quickly and figuring out how things work.  Getting your Episerver website structured correctly, is pretty simple, it just takes some conscious effort and thought at the start of your project.  This section covers battle proved advice to make your experience hopefully more enjoyable.

Creating A Custom View Engine To Organise Your Pages and Block Views More Easily

Whenever I set-up a new site, I like to organise my views into a few folders...  mainly one called 'pages' and one called 'Blocks'. I create my Models and ViewModels, the controller creates a folder in my 'Views' folder under 'Pages' or 'Blocks' a[...]

How To Structure Your Epi-Server Project

At the beginning of every project you need to decide how you will structure your files.  If you use the Alloy sample site, all the code is provided to you in the web solution.  For smaller sites there is nothing really wrong with this approach.  Ther[...]

The Best Way To Manage Global Data Within Episerver

Needing access to site settings is definitely not a new challenge.  I've been creating .NET CMS solutions for over ten years now and from my first project up until my most recent, every site has needed one.  If you are new to CM development then thin[...]

How To Deal With Large Amounts Of PageTypes

When you're working on projects that have a lot of pages, it is critical for your sites performance to give a lot of thought about how to structure the websites page tree so your site works as efficiently as possible. Episerver is an enterprise leve[...]

Respect The Block! How To Decide What Should Be A Block When You Start A New Episerver Project

Episerver projects are unique in nature compared to most other web projects. In today's guide, I'll cover some basic principles I recommend you follow when you start planning out your project. As Spiderman once famously said, "with great power comes [...]

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