Episerver Visitor Groups

A visitor group is the mechanism that Episerver provides developers to implement personalised content.  If you want to display different content based on what country the person is from, if they have ever bought a product from you before, or, even simply if they have logged in or not, then you will need to know about visitor groups.

How To Hook Into Episerver Visitor Group Save and Delete Events

When you create a Visitor Group in Episerver, there may be occasions when you need to perform additional logic when a visitor group is deleted or saved. Maybe you only want a single type of visitor group to be created, or, you only want a visitor group to be deleted within a certain time frame. In […]

How to Check If The Current Request matches an Episerver Visitor Group?

In today's guide, we are going to go over everything you will need to be able to check if a current request matches your visitor group.  In order to do this we will be using the IVisitorGroupRepository. If you haven't come across this API yet, then I would recommend reading this first, How To Create […]

How To Create A Custom Visitor Group Criteria In Episerver 7

I have previously written about Visitor Groups and how you can employ them to provide tailored, personalised content for your websites visitors. In a lot of scenarios, the default criteria won't be enough to meet all your business requirements. When this happens it's time to bust out visual studio and build your own ones. In […]

How To Create An Episerver Visitor Group Via Code

In this post, I am going to cover how to create/add a visitor group into your solution via code. If you are not quite sure what a visitor group is, or if it's the right fit for your need, then I would recommend reading What Is A Episerver Visitor Group ? Episerver provides us several […]

How To Create A Visitor Group Selection Factory

I've been working a lot with promotions and discounts recently.  A big part of the process is being able to restrict/customise different discounts to different users on the site. In Episerver, personalising content for users is done via a visitor group.  If you want more information about visitor groups, or, selection factories, then I would […]

What Is A Episerver Visitor Group ?

One of the compelling reasons to use a dynamic content driven web platform like Episerver over a classic static HTML site, is being able to deliver targeted content for your website visitors. One way Episerver allows you to do this is via a thing called Visitor Groups. In today's guide, we are going to talk […]