How To Configure Episerver


Getting to grips with EPisever and understanding all the different config files and settings can be very daunting at first.  This guides aim is to high-light some of the more improtant confiugraiton options within Episerver, like enabling multi language, setting permissions etc...

How To Enable Multiple Languages In Your Episerver Website

In a lot of big corporate companies' websites, the client will have customers all over the world.  This will usually mean you will need to build your project with multi-language support.  In Episerver, working with different languages is very simple.[...]

Typical Roles and Permissions That Get Implemented In An Episerver Project

After development has finished and testing has given the thumbs up, there comes the inevitable time on every project where the new shiny website everyone has waited for will be handed over to the business to be used in anger. It is a very bad idea t[...]

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