Umbraco Caching

Having a performant website is crucial to your online strategy.  Performance is not an easy subject and personally, it’s one of my preferred areas to spend my time (which is also why I write quite a lot about it).  This section covers various techniques for improving your load times.

Umbraco Caching Explained For Beginners - What Is the Umbraco.config?

Recently, I encountered an issue with an Umbraco site I've been managing. When one of the content editors published a blog article, it would appear on one node of the load balancer and not the other. Sometimes people would get a 404 when they tried t[...]

How To Refresh The Umbraco Cache

A client I started working for had a lot of gripes with their Umbraco 6 website. Whenever one of the content team tried to create new pages and upload images onto the site, a lot of strange 404s errors would always occur until the site was reset in I[...]

How To Store Your Session Cache With Umbraco - Redis Explained

In today's post, I'm going to talk about the different ways you can deal with session caching in a load balanced environment. Caching Issues With Umbraco in a Load Balanced Environment If you work on an Umbraco website, stored on a single node, sessi[...]

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