Umbraco Event Handling

How To Stop A Page Being Deleted In Umbraco

Providing good validation in the Umbraco back-end is an often overlooked but key component when implementing a successful content editor experience. One way to do this is preventing content editors from deleting things they shouldn't. One example of [...]

How To Intergrate Hangfire Into The Umbraco Backend

Often on a website build, you'll need a way to manage background tasks.  When you need to do things like scheduling orders, sending emails, refreshing data from an external feed, then you'll need a way to call code on a frequent basis.   In the old d[...]

The Umbraco ApplicationEventHandler Explained

On a lot of projects, you’ll need to hook into the Umbraco pipeline. In today's tutorial, I'll briefly explain why you may want to consider using an ApplicationEventHandler, what sort of things you can use it for and the code you'll need to write in [...]

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