One of the best features of Umbraco is the developer community that supports it. There are countless add-ons and packages that you can quickly install within your Umbraco project to gain extra functionality without having to spend time doing the development work yourself. In today's tutorial, I am going to quickly cover how to install a package within Umbraco.


There are two ways to install packages in Umbraco. The first way is the manual way, download a package from Umbraco and install it. To install the package, first, log into the Umbraco back-end and go to the development section: umbraco_installing_a_package Click 'install local package', click the file uploader and select the package on your computer. You do not unzip the package as Umbraco will do everything for you.

Umbraco Package Respository

Navigate to the developer section in your Umbraco back-end, go to the developers section and click 'Umbraco Package Respository'. As long as you have a working internet connection, you should see a list of packages that you can install. In this example I am going to install 'Articulate' a blogging add-on for Umbraco. umbraco_package_repository Click on the package and select 'Install Package',. From here you should see the packages installation information: umbraco_installing_a_package_part_two Hit the install button and job done.. it's as simple as that!