Umbraco Routing

A lot of people starting Umbraco struggle to get their head around how it works.  If your website is based on the MVC then understanding how the Umbraco pipeline works, how pages are loaded, what parameters are passed around behind the scenes, etc… will make your life a lot easier.  This section will hopefully help you gain this understanding.

Setting Up Umbraco To Always Use WWW Links

Over the years, I've been asked frequently by clients, "what is the difference between www vs non-www in terms of Umbraco site URLs?" Most people get confused about which one is 'better' and what strategy they should pick for Umbraco and SEO. In today's post, I'm going to give a brief overview of the issue […]

How To Set-up Page Redirects In Umbraco

A company's website is kind of like a living entity; over time the CMS might change, pages might move around and even whole sections might get deleted. As part of this change, Url's for existing page will change. This has happened on pretty much every project that I've ever worked on. When it comes to […]